Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Brilliant learning!

KLP certainly ruled the waves again last week! Our Numeracy lesson was electric!

We had been learning about fractions for a few sessions and I had discovered some gaps in certain childrens learning - they needed to do some more work on the basics of sharing our the fractions; my average ability children needed to consolidate their equivalent fractions learning and the higher achievers (having grasped everything I had taught them) certainly required extending!

Ok - the challenge arose!
I created a Learning Space using the VLE, assigned various things to the children, created visual hooks and a set of teaching and learning resources!

Warm up to maths through our KLP link to sing up and our Multiplicity song! Great - singing and moving to the beat - great brain gym! Oxygen flowing.
The lesson was all linked to our theme - 'Draw me in' with a sub section (so to speak) to the world cup!

fraction bingo - hyperlinked to internet!

working on a problem of fractions of coloured shorts in a box!

They were given an activity to do whilst I explained HA mission...

they all had work due that took them to an embedded interactive world map that gave them data they needed on the coutry they are learning about in the world cup! Children then chose data regarding the players in their team; they had to find the average weight of goalies, defenders, forwards etc. Great use of tables again! They all had netbooks to access this through their work due widget and carried out the maths with skill! complicated divisions meant the use of a calclator and sometimes rounding the answers.

My lower ability accessed a smart board mission through the Learning spaces, where they were creating pizzas for different members of the England squad. Sharing the ingredients out evenly and working out the fractions for each person wanting that pizza! Excellent interaction with the software and with themselves!

All children except one. progressed through the session! Not bad going! We were all 'well chuffed!'

At the end - of course - out came the flip cam - videoing the children explaining their learning and demoing - I wonder where that will go?????

Perfect APP evidence! E-portfolios eat your heart out!!!!

Job done!

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