Thursday, 1 July 2010

APP and KLP!

Just had a brain wave!!!!
Create a presentation for the class - one page per child!
Each piece of photographic evidence added to the child's page.
AF whatever description and level typed under the photo!
AT the end of term/year the page relevant to the chils is added to the shared files of the eportfolio on KLP!
Accessible by staff, child, Parent...even Mr Ofsted!
Job done.

Video evidence - added into shared file folder, with title slides added (movie maker) that share the APP and level indicator for what the video shows?

Unless any one has a better idea!


  1. Not sure I'm grasping the right, so please forgive me if I'm totally off the mark, but won't this mean that each parent sees the other children's levels ect?

    How about using the child's ePortfolio Blog, it does mean the child has to create the post - maybe this would be the problem? What it does mean is that it would be secure to only the individual child, teachers and their parents.

    We administered changing each child's ePortfolio page and blog permissions to 'Contribute' level membership for Teaching Staff. Each class teacher has a 1 afternoon admin task of using their 'My Space / Students' page to go in to each of their 30 pupils ePortfolio Blog/Posts/Actions - to setup their Alert Me notifications.

    The teacher invests time at the beginning and end of a cohort year in order to save time for 10 months, as only has to review a child's blog post once they rcv an email notification link.

    For those teachers that do it they think it's fantastic, but I've still to convice the majority (sound familiar?)

  2. No other Parent will see...our children haven't given permission to any other Parents to see their eportfolios - we would never encourage them to do that anyway!
    We have doen the same for our staff so that they have contribute!
    Once our slide show is in the eportfolio it is read only anyway!
    The other place you could put it would be the education records - this would then only be parents, child and staff!