Thursday, 10 June 2010


I am on cloud 9!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their support - I feel so privalidged and honoured to have won the Midlands BECTA award for Next Generation Learning. This is the way forward for teaching the future adults of our world. We need to give them the opportunities to succeed in a technological world; everywhere we go, everything we do in this day and age involves technology somewhere alonfg the line...and their jobs probably don't exist yet!

We owe it to them to provide opportunities for them to use technology to enhance their learning.

I feel very privalidged to be touching the lives of some of our digital natives in this way.


  1. Just saw on the LP support page that you had got this award. Thought I'd like to add my congratulations. Saw you & your kids at this year's ICT conference and it was really inspiring.... keep up the good stuff!