Thursday, 7 June 2012


Just decided to take the plunge and re-create our school website using the possibility of creating a public space on KLP! Up until now, I have been managing both KLP and our website - too much to do!

So, with a blank canvas (so to speak) and loads of inspiration, I set to work!

Having managed to attend Tim Rylands keynote speech at the  recent ICT conference I was awe inspired to get going on ‘all’ (no I know you can’t do it all at once!) his fabulous ideas.  The picture above, however, was one of the easiest, most effective and versatile  pieces of ICT that I have created in a while…
As Tim showed with ease the creating of a Panarama, I simply couldn’t wait!
· I stood in the best spot on our playground with trusty Flip cam in hand
· I filmed a very steady 180 degrees arc around my position
· Uploaded the image into flipshare
· Cut the various snapshots as necessary
· Opened Microsoft Ice (free download)
· Dragged in the relevant images
· Watched as in seconds the Panarama was created
· Cropped
· Uploaded it onto KLP where our new school website is being created
· Simples!

I am very impressed with the result and it looks great at the head of our new website!

visit: for further inspirational ideas as well as Panarama!

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