Sunday, 25 September 2011


New term - so try something a little different with KLP!!!!!!

Using a wiki page Library has got to be one of the easiest of the web 2 technologies on any Learning Platform! [[title]] what could be easier than this to create a new virtual page???

My new Learning team (year 4 and 5) - who have had some exposure to wikis in their previous Learning team, have taken to creating their own pages like a duck to water!

New year - so new wiki library -

Ecologists wiki library 2011-12


[[Write on Reading]]

[[Fire it Up!]]

[[Home Learning]]

The above just being the basic 'contents' or Home page to start with...


was added to the Literacy page...



[[Our own poems]]

Then added to that...(for those of you that are new to creating wikis - the [[ ]] surrounding the title tells KLP that this is a new page!) Canary and Jetsam being poems we were studying, so this was available for IWB, the children during their learning, at home and so on...

In the Our own poems page, the whole class then went into 'edit' and created their own pages...

Our own poems

[[Bill]] [[Bob]] [[Bert]] [[Betty]] and so on....

They then have their own contents page in which to create their pages for their learning...we made a special point about them being very careful NOT to name ANY page the same or the same as anyone else...for example...if Bill was writing his own version of Canary, his page would be

Bill's own poems

[[Bill Canary]] and so on...


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