Thursday, 16 June 2011

...and SPREADS!!!!!!!

Two other schools have also started using KLP with us - a school from Stoke-on -Trent has literally started their WHO ARE YOU? blogs today...

Their teacher heard me speaking in Sheffield about our collaboration and communication with Florida through KLP, and wondered if we could also communicate with him and the students!

Of course! No problem!

I created a page, set up a Blog and a set of discussions - sorted the permissions out so that they could use that part of our Learning Platform and we're away!!! The Time Travellers will be chuffed to bits when they log in tomorrow to see who has introduced themselves!

The beginning of a great friendship!

These two classes - as there is no time difference - will -I am sure be web conferencing wuite often!

I have also set up a similar page for our Explorers who are going to do some collaborative learning with a school just across the Midlands from us in Dudley! IT's all so exciting!

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