Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Hi all, can't believe it has taken me this long to post this to be of the highlights of my teaching at Eureka...

We have set up a link with a school in Florida - through KLP!!!!!

  • I created a log in for their teacher (by the way - we initially met on e-pals!!!)

  • Set up a page for us to collaborate in...

  • With a blog where we have all introduced ourselves - I can't believe it - every one of my class and our friends across the Atlantic have added a post explaining themsleves...they are commenting too and asking each other questions...
  • We also have a set of discussions where we are sharing differences between schools, dress code, meals, clubs and any other things we think of!
  • We each have a photo slide show here too!
  • Another area we are developing, is a shared narrative! We have a wiki called 'Adventures Across the Atlantic' that we are writing together.

We have loads of other ideas...all of which are about 'engaging - enjoying - enhancing' the learning of our children! So far it has been a tremendous success!

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