Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Holidays - what holidays?

A perfect time to get all those niggling ICT jobs done...completing/tidying up from last term...
  • Added images of evidence to the children's eportfolios - I use a flip cam all year round (excellent bits of kit!), filming away for showcasing, annalysing, reviewing is also so easy to take a snapshot off the flip and use in the children's shared files! Taking pics off the flip also means that the snapshots are actual real evidence - not contrived or posed - natural learning taking place! What I have done is created a slide show for the class - ending up with 2 pages per child. Each useful snapshot is added to the pages for the child, a statement to acompany (AF where appropriate), and the 2 pages then added into the child's shared files in a folder depicting the year group the child was in when the evidence was gathered. Great evidence for us; super place to share with Parents, next teahcer, next school...
  • Ensuring all IEPs and Gand T profiles are up to date, reviewed and reniewed ready for the next teacher (we carry ours over from July to about October, as we feel the previous teacher knows the child better in the early stages). These are then placed in the SEN folder, IEP folder, inside the child's folder (all past IEPs are there too for reference/comparison etc) These are all located in the Staffroom on KLP so that all staff have access - easier too for the SEN person and head to access! The individual IEP for each child is also uploaded into their Education records so that the Parents can also view it.
  • Discussions about certain things for next academic year going on in the staffroom discussion area...yes we can email...but this allows us to keep a log of all things said in the discussion, keep everyones ideas together in one central space, great evidence and memory jogger...what did we say/agree?
  • Removing/hiding from view pages/wikis...or whatever things that the next class do nood need! It is brilliant that the permissions can be changed so that the children cannot see things...and great for us as we can keep those pages/web 2 items....for future reference (and of course, remember where they are!!!!!)

I have no idea if anyone reads any of this, or is interested in any of this, but some comments would be great!!!!

Next Blog will include what has been created for the next term!


  1. It's true most people browse and view posts, it's certainly interesting to see someone else have very similar "holiday experience!". Thing is when you agree you don't tend to add comments, so here's one just to say keep up the chat you have readers. Donna Rogers

    I've just had to move blog host so I've been catching up posting mainly background stuff so far - I'll finish this off by of the week and can't wait to get back to the "chatty" style up to date current posts. Hope you'll have can to drop by sometime. All the best.

  2. Thanks Donna - it is lovely to see that what I ma writing is a. being read
    b. making sense
    c. useful