Thursday, 27 May 2010

Talking to America!

Our web conference yesterday with St Annes School, Charlotte, North Carolina was amazing!
We synchronised watches – 8.30am there; 1.30pm here!!!
We were soooo excited - don’t know who was worse – me or the children!
It was so fab – a great experience – we had prepared questions to ask our Global cousins, they had done the same – when we spotted that they had logged into the Conference room we almost collapsed with enthusiasm! They could see us and hear us – we could only hear them as they hadn’t organised their web cam very well! Nevertheless, what an absolutely super event!
We chatted, laughed, shared and learnt quite a bit about life over there and the similarities and differences between the schools! We even showed them our class pet – Heidi.
They break up for summer soon, but we are going to resume contact after the BIG holiday!!!
What a memorable occasion!
Can't wait to the next one!

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