Sunday, 8 November 2009

Creativity and KLP!

Creativity in the Learning Platform
Eureka is a small Primary School in the south of the county; 5 learning
zones; 135 children. Early adopters of KLP, now entering our second year
and loving every minute of it. It is becoming a driving force for our
creative curriculum and is constantly engaging and enhancing both
learning and teaching.
‘Through…the Keyhole! is the theme that KS2 has chosen for the Autumn
term. After much success in our first year, we have continued to develop
our interest spaces to be cross curricular so as to provide the children with
a variety of activities to enjoy, engage with and to enhance their learning.
Impact and outcomes
During the first year alone, the impact in terms of engagement,
enthusiasm, and quality of written work has been excellent; children seeing
their learning as a ‘published’ item. Almost all of my learning team last
year (30 year 5 and 6), regularly logged on (at school, lunchtime, home,
library, family – 24/7) to access the themed pages to take part in the
various activities that I provided for them. Their skills, knowledge and
understanding in the areas included, continues to be enhanced by KLP.
It has encouraged independence, motivated their individuality and
empowered them to be more creative with an almost ‘real’ purpose for
their learning.
Learning Benefits (child focused)
• Reading across the whole space – visual clues for support
• Writing – wikis in which to collaborate, support, edit
• Quizzes – for challenge and to encourage research
• Historical links - to aid research, to inform, safe, direct
• Music – enjoyment, movement and song
• Video – to provide stimulus that engages more senses,
allowing a ‘real life’ experience
Hints and Tips
Be creative – movement with video/animations; colourful; organized;
interactive; safe web-links already researched; use pupil power to buddy
up to tutor peers and staff alike;
Next steps
Spring term theme is…’Revvin’ it up!’ – history of transport theme.
Leadership engaged from day 1; staff meetings; 1:1 support.
Time to get all my ideas down!
Once you are hooked…there’s no stopping you!
Objective: to be able to use KLP to support the teaching and learning of our theme
‘Through…the Keyhole!

Curriculum links: literacy, art, history, sustainability, outdoor learning, RE, music, PE, geography…

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